Dear A.A. members and Friends,

The 30th Anniversary Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous Ukraine will be held July 5-7, 2019 in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine with the theme “A.A. as a Way of Life.” A.A. members and guests from Ukraine and other countries will celebrate Ukraine A.A.’s 30th year with speaker meetings and panels in the assembly hall of the Pedagogical Institute 1 Stefan Bandera St. on Friday, July 5. The opening of the Anniversary Convention, which will take place on Saturday at noon, as well as other speaker meetings and panels on Saturday and Sunday, with be held in the assembly hall at the V. Stefanyk University, entrance off 6 Chornovola Street. Late night meetings will be held at the respective lodgings.

Registration fee for the convention is 120 Hryvnia (app. 4 Euros, 17 Polish zloty or $4.50 USD).

Ivano-Frankivsk is a historic city, population app. 230,000, located in Western Ukraine at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. 
For lodgings please contact the following hotels/hostels:

Profspilkovyi  – Lesia Ukrainka Street, 4, Tel.: (380 342)751-619;  380 97-973-43-85.

Hotel Niva (or Nuva) – Urozhaina Street., 5,  Tel.:  (380 342)78-64-66

Hotel Naftovyk, Mlynarska Street, 38B. Tel.:  (380 342) 4-02-03

Prykarpattya Hotel, Mazepa Street, 140А  Tel.:  (380 342)530-298;  380 50-251-69-68

Готель Zaliznycha Street, 33   Tel.:  380 95-9248-294380 96-503-68-03

Nadiya Hotel,  Nezalezhnosti Street, 40  Tel.:  380 50-433-75-22

Hostel, Zaliznycha Street, 49  Tel.:  380 95-411-64-95;  380897-489-30-84

Hostel (200 м from train station), Kupchynskoho Street, 14  Tel.:  380897-894-00-14; 380 67-341-41-44

Rooms (daily rental), Tel.: 380 96-73-12-444 380 93-25-35-766;   380 95-832-40-88 380 67-344-01-70

Ivano-Frankivsk is accessible by car, bus or train. The city also has a small airport with daily flights to and from Kyiv’s Boryspil Airport.
For more information please contact: Yury T. at +380 67 313 343 74 or E-mail:;  or contact Ukraine’s General Service Office – E-Mail:

We look forward to seeing you in Ivano-Frankivsk.