Міжнародний семінар <12 кроків А.А.>

Meeting ID: 942 6988 1359
Passcode: 564138

Посилання на зустріч.!!!

2 думки про “Міжнародний семінар <12 кроків А.А.>”

  1. Dear AA friends in Ukraine,
    I hope this message reaches you. We had our meeting tonight and prayed for you. We pray that your sobriety stays strong in these very dangerous times and that you will not feel deserted by your Higher Power. We feel frustrated and powerless. The whole world is watching in horror at what is happening. Is there something we can do to help you? May God bless you.
    With love in fellowship.

    1. Dear Hugh. Thank you for your comment and support. this is very important for us. We appreciate and feel your prayer. the word unity has never been so important and close to us as it is now. We thank Alcoholics Anonymous in America for their support.

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